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Han Zou



About Han Zou

Access to education changed my family's life. And it's why I'm running for City College Board of Trustees. 

My mom is a college educator. She grew up poor in central China and was the first person in her family to go to college, where she studied Public Health. It was on a whim that she applied to the graduate program for public health at Yale, and got in. My family was able to come to the United States on her J1 visa, and my dad supported her as she got her education. She’s now a professor herself and teaches courses on early childhood development. I understand the importance of education for immigrant families and I want to make sure that City College is a welcoming place for everyone new to this country. As a Trustee, I'll work to make sure the Chinatown and Mission Campuses are serving the immigrant community effectively.

I immigrated to the United States from China when I was only 6 years old and I’m proud to have learned English in our public school system.  My parents taught me how to say “hello” and “bathroom” before putting me on the school bus, and sending me to my first day of first grade. I was lucky enough to be placed in a language program for ESL students, which supported me as I started my education in the U.S. CCSF is a community college, not a junior college. Non Degree-seeking students often take advantage of language courses, ESL classes, arts classes and so much more. As Trustee, I'll work to make sure that CCSF's mission remains to serve our entire San Francisco community.


I've spent much of my career working to bring Black, Brown and API communities together.

I can tell you as an organizer for communities of color, the best trick the other side has is to pit our communities against each other and make us fight over resources and representation. At Asian Law Caucus, my work focused on advocating for undocumented students and families. I worked with both Asian and Latinx advocates to fight in Sacramento for healthcare for undocumented families. I'm also proud to have worked with anti-incarceration advocates and saw first hand the impact our prison system has on Black and Brown communities. I am deeply supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement and as a Trustee want to work to bring the movement and energy we are now seeing into longterm education reforms.

The pandemic has changed everything. Access to free education has never been more important. 

Since the pandemic started, 1 in 9 San Francisco residents have filed for unemployment. Even more people are facing the uncertainty of whether their jobs, or even their industries, will survive in the new reality we live in. City College has to be central to the recovery efforts in the city and will be key in preparing our residents with new skills for new jobs. Programs like City College’s nursing program and engineering programs are vital for the future of San Francisco. I'll fight hard to protect them.


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